About Maple Computing

Maple Computing is just a small company run by one person (That-Canadian) for selling custom mechanical keyboard stuff and accessories. Currently it is mainly used for my Group Buys and the leftovers from them, however I am planning to expand the inventory once I have the opportunity (soon.tm).


  • Where are you located?
    • Contrary to what you might think, we are currently located in the USA. Cary, NC to be exact.
  • Do you ship <Insert Place Here>
    • If you can put your address in at checkout we can ship there. Unfortunately international shipping is a bit expensive at the moment, but we hope to expand our options soon. We also try to offer EU and other proxies during our Group Buys to save on shipping costs for you.
    • Please note that currently everything is shipped via USPS using the method you select at checkout.
    • International Shipping may be subject to customs fees / import duties / and taxes, which the buyer is responsible for paying. Everything shipped from Maple Computing will be declared at the value shown at checkout.
  • Can you add <insert product here> to your store?
    • Possibly, as stated above this store is currently very much a WIP, and mainly being used for Group Buys at the moment. If we don't have something that you would like to see, feel free to contact us using any of the methods listed below!

Contact Info

  • E-Mail : contact@maple-computing.com
  • Reddit : Send a PM to /u/That-Canadian
  • MechKeys Discord : Ping @Canadian